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Tours of Romania

Shared tours of Romania

Shared tours of Romania

Discover Romania, Bulgaria and other eastern European countries by booking one of our shared tours. You’ll discover new friends, not just in the visiting country, but also among the traveller companions. You’ll have good time day by day, share memories during the drives and have more fun each evening. Our groups are never bigger than 7 people. In this way you’ll enjoy a a tour around Romania and other countries without being squeezed by tens of tourists and you’ll have the chance of visiting remote areas which are inaccessible to the large groups.

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Human Romania Tours

The tours here are samples we have put together while taking our time to show our guests a region or experience at a time. Travellers ourselves, we often found that most tours we were proposed tried to pack in as much as possible, allowing little or no time to actually meeting people and learning about the actual culture of a specific place. So we have decided to create tours where we take things at an apparently slower pace. All tours here are 7 days long and follow a specific theme or regional outline, coming complete with a personal touch and an explanation about our choice.