Torture instruments exhibition in Bucharest

Torture instruments exhibition in Bucharest

A frightening exhibition is opened in Bucharest between 1 February 2012 and 10 June 2012. The Museum of Bucharest will host dozens of medieval torture instruments used in Europe until the 18th century.

Torture instrumetns

The entire collection displayed at Suţu Palace in Bucharest consists of original pieces which belong to Piotr Buczkowski, a Polish collector. The exhibits are accompanied by illustrations and descriptions in Romanian and English.

Among the most famous instruments, one can see the Virgin of Nuremberg (Iron Maiden), the Rack, Judas Cradle or the Witch’s Chair. In addition to instruments whose used resulted in severe bodily damage and eventually led to death, on display are also those used for minor transgressions, where torture was limited to inflicting humiliation such as the Mask of Infamy or the Frock of Penance.

The Torture instruments exhibition at Suţu Palace (Museum of Bucharest) will be opened until 10 June 2012 and it can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 and 18. The entrance fee is 15 lei (aprox. 4 Euro) for adults, 7 lei (aprox. 2 Euro) for children and students and 3 lei (aprox. 1 Euro) per person for groups.

 text by Dan Penciu

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