Ten reasons to travel with a group

Ten reasons to travel with a group

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As a tour guide I had many chances to realize that there are many reasons to travel in group, whether is large or small. On the other hand I met some people saying they will never travel with a group. They have their own reasons and I have no intention to change their mind. But I can emphasize the main advantages of traveling with other people.

It would be absurd to believe this post tries to convince everybody this is the only way and the best method of traveling. No such thoughts. It just tries to underline the benefits of such type of travel.

1 Tariff – lower price

Well, the main advantage, probably not the most important but important enough to take it into consideration, is the tariff. Traveling with a large group can save for you some important money. If traveling on long distances then the flight ticket could represent the most expensive part of your trip, more expensive than the vacation itself. As a group you’ll get a big discount and you don’t have to worry about this anymore; at least not so much. Of course, the discounts continues with the trip itself. Sometimes, the tariff can be half the price you would pay for a solo trip.

You might say that a lower tariff means a lower standard for services. Not quite. The tour companies are keen to please their customers as they realize their business depends entirely of their feedback. And a positive feedback can bring more tourists to the same trip.

2 Stress free – everything is already set

Have you seen the lost tourists in the center of the city with a map in one hand and a travel book in the other, asking themselves where the heck are they? Well, it’s not your case.

As soon as you’ve reached your destination you can forget about everything. You’ll be taking care of from now on. Leave your bags in the coach and you’ll find them in your room. Don’t worry about the cabs, you’ll be transferred to your hotel. Don’t ask for a good restaurant, it is already booked. Don’t ask for directions in a city you’ve just reached, your tour guide will be with you. And the list remains open.

3 The mates – meet interesting people

Many times I’ve been told stories of people who terrified a hole group. Personally, as a tour guide with a long experience I had the chance of not meeting any of them. The people are open, glad to travel, worry-free, talkative and fun to be with. They are always ready for jokes and very curious when I tell them different histories, legends or little trivia about one things or another. In the group you might meet an interesting person, you might end up with a friend for a lifetime or you might meet even your soul mate. Be careful with the last one, sometime it might be a curse, too. ­čÖé Just kidding.

4 Events – different small concerts, dances, craft demonstrations

As a solo traveler you might not experience so easy, or at least so inexpensive, a concert of traditional music or an art demonstration such as carving or embroidering, to mention just few of them. Plus, as a group you don’t have to share these experience with other tourists, the artists are just for you. In the end you’ll get explanations straight from the performers, thus enhancing your trip with unique cultural experiences.

5 Accommodation – good hotels

It is very likely that as a member of a larger group you’ll enjoy the services of the best 4- and 5-star hotels. Their tariffs are generally high but in the case of large groups they can be affordable. Beside the clean and quiet rooms, you’ll get many other services, whether for free or not.

6 Better services – the company knows where to take you for good services

It is obvious that the tour company, at least a serious one, is committed to offer you the best services, an entertaining program and wonderful sights to be visited. Also, a tour company pays a lot of attention to the meals, as the local cuisine is an important experience for any traveler.

7 Customizable trips – sometimes you can enjoy a customizable trip just for you

I’ve been told many times the tourists don’t get to enjoy a real experience of the places they visit. Well, there is no tour companies that keeps the tourists as prisoners. We don’t treat them like convicts and we are not guardians. During the trip you’ll have some time off, generally several afternoons or few mornings. It’s the moment to explore the place by yourself, to interact with the locals, basically to let yourself surprised by unexpected. And even for this case, the staff will give you in advance the best suggestions such as places to be visited, names of good restaurants and maps.

8 Safe – it is much safer to travel in a group

As part of a group you’ll never feel unsafe. All the time your luggage will be under the surveillance of somebody and most of the time you’ll have somebody┬á next to you to rely on.

9 Together in case of problems

As we cannot control the events around us, unexpected things might affect our plans. In this case the tour companies can solve much faster a problem by taking the best solution for the group. You might not even notice it! Imaging yourself in a foreigner country having a problem. Not so appealing anymore.

10 It is fun

And last but not the least, it’s the fun such groups can bring. And believe me, it’s lot of fun! Right now I’m so overwhelmed by so many fun memories that had happened while I was the tour guide of these groups.

As a tour manager of ILoveRomania┬«, but especially as a tour guide, I would recommend to anybody a tour like this, even for once. Here you have our shared tours. And if you think it’s not really for you then please check our list of private tours.

text & pictures by Daniel Gheorghita

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