Best time to visit Romania

Best time to visit Romania

Clouds over Transylvania.
During the recent years, many people interested in our tours have been asking us when would be the best season to visit Romania. Of course, every season is interesting in its own way and no matter when you come here, you will find something nice to see and do. You can ski in one of the Romanian winter resorts if you come between December and March or you can get a beautiful tan on the Black Sea coast if you come from June to September.

Anyway, if you are interested in a tour to Romania, you should think about two factors to influence your timing decision: the weather conditions and the travel costs.


Due to its location in South East Europe, Romania has a temperate-continental climate and the temperatures vary significantly during the year. Although we are supposed to have four distinct seasons (spring from March to May, summer from June to August, autumn from September to November and winter from December to February), we sometimes have incredible cold winters followed by very torrid summers.

Month Average temperature 1901-2000
January -1.5 ℃ / 29.3 ℉
February 0.6 ℃ / 33.08 ℉
March 5.7 ℃ / 42.26 ℉
April 11.1 ℃ / 51.98 ℉
May 16.3 ℃ / 61.34 ℉
June 19.6 ℃ / 67.28 ℉
July 21.5 ℃ / 70.7
August 20.9 ℃ / 69.62 ℉
September 16.8 ℃ / 62.24 ℉
October 11.2 ℃ / 52.16 ℉
November 5.7 ℃ / 42.26 ℉
December 1.2 ℃ / 34.16 ℉

Source: here

Considering the weather conditions, the best time to do a tour of Romania would be from March to October as the weather is not very cold and the roads are clean and practicable. Sometimes the summer could be very hot, but this is difficult to predict and could be an advantage if you are a person who enjoys the sun.

I would also mention that March is sometimes very cold and October is rainy, but this depends on your luck and you cannot know everything. If your itinerary in Romania includes the mountain area you should take some warm clothes as the weather is usually colder there. In the same time, the northern regions (Maramures, Bucovina) have a colder weather and the south ones are warmer (Muntenia, Black Sea Cost, Bucharest).

Travel costs

In terms of travel costs, it is better to visit Romania from September to June because you will probably be able to find lower prices for flight tickets and accommodation in this period. From September to June the airlines have a kind of low season and the prices are at least decent. The hotels are more probably to offer better prices for accommodation in this period too, because their high season is the summer when the Romanians are spending their annual holidays in the country.

Tarom, the Romanian airline, has been traditionally offering low fares to Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Iasi, Timisoara, etc) during the low season and you can check its website at Blueair, the Romanian low cost airline is also very competitive in terms of fare levels and you should visit its website at

In conclusion, the best time to visit Romania, considering both, weather and travel costs would be either the spring and early summer (from March to June) or the late summer and fall (September to October). But do not forget that every season has its own unique charm and you can find always opportunities to experience something interesting in Romania.

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